You don’t have to give up your ambitions + dreams because you homeschool

Go beyond productivity hacks and get stuff done – even when your life feels like a dumpster fire πŸ”₯

The Problem with Productivity Hacks

Virtually all productivity advice comes from people who are NOT the primary parent (hello, mansplaining).

And even if they ARE the primary parent, their children are in school or childcare most days – giving them the luxury of long, uninterrupted stretches of time to use however they choose.

But if you’re in charge of homeschooling, housework, AND your own goals, you need better strategies.

You need strategies from someone who has homeschooled, achieved stuff, and lived to tell the tale.

And I fit that bill.

Hi, I’m Kelly

I’m the mum of 5 always-homeschooled children, aged between 15-20.
While homeschooling, I…

  • Ran my own handmade business for 7 years
  • Ran my own homeschooling business with online courses and summits for 8 years, and then sold it
  • Started my nursing degree via external study, and finished with the highest marks in my graduating year
  • Spent 6 years travelling as a family, both Australia and internationally
  • Among other random things, like running marathons, winning NaNoWriMo three times, and thru-hiking.

So yeah, I know how to get stuff done when life is already full!

Β I can help YOU get stuff done, too

I’m not talking about the stuff you HAVE to do, I’m talking about the stuff you WANT to do.


πŸ’° Start an online business πŸ’°

πŸŽ“ Get a degree πŸŽ“

πŸ“• Write a book πŸ“•

🌍 Become a digital nomad 🌍

⭐ – insert your goal here -⭐ 


You have big dreams, right?

Let’s make them happen.Β 

Here's what you'll do


Clear out the non-essentials in all areas of life to make space for what you REALLY want to do


Get ruthless with your to-do list so you’re ALWAYS doing the most important task


Trial new strategies and implement the ones that work for YOU


Strengthen your new habits and watch your progress move towards your goals

Exactly what you need?

What My CLients Are Saying


“Nisl massa, ultrices vitae ornare sit amet, ultricies eget orci. Sed vitae nulla et justo pellentesque congue nec eu risus. Fermentum nulla non justo aliquet, quis vehicula quam consequat duis ut hendrerit.”

Angela Charlton



“In non pulvinar purus. Curabitur nisi odio, blandit et elit at, suscipit pharetra efficitur elit. Etiam quis blandit erat donec laoreet libero non metus.”

Saif Guerra


You don’t need yet another planner (maybe this one will work 🀞)

You don’t need a 14-step morning routine (especially not the cold shower part)

You don’t need long stretches of uninterrupted time (I mean, good luck with that)

Β It’s all shiny distraction – let’s fix the core issues instead


Make your kids your reason, not your excuse

When my kids came along (5 in 5 years) I learned that I needed to pull my finger out and get MUCH better at managing my time.

I didn’t want to put my goals on hold for a couple of decades while they grew up.

And I wanted to give my kids an example of setting goals, working hard, and achieving them.

Plus the extra income was a necessity.

So I did what I do best.

I researched, got creative, experimented, failed, dusted myself off, and tried again until I found the systems that worked for all of us.

And then I did it all over again as the kids grew, our circumstances changed, and our unpredictable life threw random challenges at me.

It hasn’t always been a smooth or easy ride (is homeschooling EVER a smooth, easy ride?!) but I always felt fulfilled, challenged, and content.

And we got to travel for years while still getting ahead financiallyπŸ’ͺ