Can’t do ‘normal’ life?

I help you use your knowledge and experience to create an online business that fits your unconventional life.

If you’re like me, you can’t get a ‘real’ job

☑️ Homeschooling

☑️ Worldschooling

☑️ Neurodivergent

Luckily, there are other better options for us misfits

I help you build an income


✔️ Harnessing your knowledge, skills, & experience

✔️ To start a legit, independent online business

✔️ That fits the parameters of YOUR life and YOUR needs

✔️ And genuinely helps people and makes you feel great about your contribution



❌ MLM/network marketing/high-ticket affiliate/whatever they call pyramid schemes next

❌ Icky high-pressure sales tactics

❌ Getting stuck on the hamster wheel of social media, influencer deals, & content creation

❌ ‘Hustling’, ‘grinding’, or other unsustainable and exhausting bro techniques


Nail your successful business topic in a day

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Hi, I’m Kelly

Homeschooling for 16 years. Worldschooling for 6 of those years. Neurodivergent.


I started my first tiny online business in 2007, then launched a hugely successful online business with 100% digital products in 2015, which I sold in 2023.


I then started Business in your Backpack in 2024 to help other parents create a business that enables them to homeschool, travel, and live the lifestyle they choose.

Kelly’s business advice has been my secret weapon! From navigating tricky decisions to unlocking growth opportunities, she’s been my go-to online biz sage. With her insightful wisdom and down-to-earth approach, Kelly’s game-changing advice keeps my business thriving. She’s my business whisperer.

I don’t think I’d have a business without Kelly! She has helped me in ways that ensured I could understand. She equipped me so I had the right tools for the job of growing my business. I’m so grateful for Kelly’s authentic, patient and practical approach. Her advice is invaluable.

Kelly is my go-to for guidance on all things relating to growing my online business. Her insights and advice have been incredibly invaluable. Kelly always knows the answers to my business questions and saves me hours of research. She is supportive and always spot-on in her knowledge and guidance. “

Essential Business Info

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I’ll help you decide exactly what your successful online business will cover, so you can be crystal-clear about your value (aka. make a LOT more sales).