11 quirky online business ideas you can do ANYWHERE

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If you’ve never looked at the huge range of interesting online business ideas, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

Because there are thousands of people making a great income from just about every topic you can think of.

When you’re thinking of an idea for yourself, though, it can be difficult to come up with something you can do online, especially if you only look at your professional experience.

Obviously, if you’re a Facebook ads expert or graphic designer you can easily transition to an online business.

But when I started my first digital nomad business I had no qualifications at all, and I’d spent the last 11 years at home with my five children.

I was practically unemployable.

So I had to get creative and think of other skills and knowledge that I could teach and share. 

To start with, it was homeschooling courses and summits. When I sold that business in 2023, I started teaching what I’d learned in my 8 years of online business, right here. 

I also have a side project – a tie-dye site. That one isn’t ideal for travel, but there’s a surprising amount I can do on the road!

Homeschooling and tie-dye – surprising online business ideas, right?

There are plenty more online business ideas out there, and here are 10 quirky examples of real-life online businesses to spark your brainstorming.

The criteria for inclusion in this list:

  • must be creating a full-time income 
  • has to be a small project (not something run by a team of 30) 
  • has to be something you can do while travelling 

So take a look at these great examples of businesses you can run from anywhere, and start thinking about what YOU can offer!

Me – Fearless Homeschool

Homeschooling for Australians

I ran a successful homeschooling business from 2015-2023, when I sold it.

If you ask nearly anyone, they’ll tell you there’s no money in homeschooling. But I made a full-time income on very part-time hours for the last 5 years in business, selling passive online courses, running a yearly summit, and doing some affiliate marketing.

I also finished my nursing degree in 2018-2019, while travelling full-time with my family of 7, and homeschooling 5 children.

So when I say I did very part-time hours, I mean it – it had to fit in the gaps.

Kirsty Partridge


I found Kirsty when she was featured on a finance podcast – in it, they talked about her income of $450,000 per year.

She teaches people to draw. Seriously!

She monetises by selling courses and YouTube ads. She also has affiliate links on her site.


Loveleigh Loops


These twin sisters have been teaching calligraphy online since 2016. 

They used to offer individual courses, but they’ve recently bundled them together into a membership with all their courses, worksheets, a monthly live session, and community.

I’m not sure if their links to calligraphy supplies are affiliate or not – but if they aren’t, they should be!

Karin Dimitrovova


This has to be one of the most interesting online business ideas I’ve seen – bet you wouldn’t guess you can make an income by teaching people to do handstands!

But Karin does it. 

Her online presence is very, very simple. Just a few courses and an Instagram account. She runs ads to direct people to her content.

And that’s it – yet she’s currently travelling with her online income.

Future ADHD

ADHD Planner

I’ve known the owners of Future ADHD since we both had homeschooling sites in 2016.

To start with they sold homeschooling planners and digital magazines, photography courses, and experimented with other ideas while travelling on their online income.

They launched an ADHD site and planner in 2023, and it took off.

With their background in online business they were able to hang on and make the most of it, sell 50,000 copies of their digital planner in a little over a year, and are still going strong.

Do the maths – assuming they sold every single one on sale for $25, that’s $1,250,000 in revenue in just over a year. 

That’s a pretty great income for a single, low-price product!

Georgie Bryant Coaching

Time management for mums

Georgie is a work/life balance coach for mums.

She offers online courses, online workshops, and coaching/consulting that helps mums get back in control of their time.

She also uses affiliate links on her site, but I imagine that’s a nice extra, not a core component of her income.

Rachel Roehmholdt

Gluten & Dairy free eating

Another great example of how you don’t need to cover EVERYTHING – just dig deep into one specific area.

Rachel sells an ebook, and has a low-price membership that sends out weekly menu plans. Like most food blogs she publishes a lot of recipes, and monetises these with display ads.

Gluten and dairy free online business ideas example website screenshot

Succulents & Sunshine

Succulent gardening

This site is more evidence that focusing on a narrow topic works.

The owner has confirmed making six figures plus per year on business podcasts 😲. 

The income comes from ebooks, courses, display ads, a monetised YouTube channel, and a clever ‘shop’ that features gardening supplies and succulent-themed products curated with affiliate links to sites like Amazon and Etsy.

So they’re not actually handling the products – just directing you to them, then collecting their commission. Passive income at its best!



Sewrella provides crochet patterns and tutorials. So yes, your handcraft skills can provide a decent income!

From their income reports, the business passed $10,000 per month back in 2018. Income is a mix of ads, affiliate, Etsy pattern sales, an online course about blogging, sponsored posts, and YouTube ads.

Leah Kent

Self-Publishing and Book Coaching

Leah has books (of course), courses, offers coaching and cover design, and has a Substack membership.

And note it’s not general self-publishing – it’s for non-fiction books published by wisdom keepers and visionaries. Many people will read that and leave…but the RIGHT people will read that and scramble to buy.

Mama Bear Prepared

Prevention, protection, and defense for mums

Carrie helps mums keep themselves and their kids safe from harm via online courses, a membership, and in-person training.

She covers topics like communication, grooming, situational awareness, and conflict resolution to help avoid serious situations in the first place – and self-defense for those times it’s necessary.

Which online business ideas could YOU do?

So there you have it – a decent list of online business ideas that don’t require a degree or masses of professional experience, and can be done from anywhere with wifi.

Stuck for ideas? Do my Business Idea Blitz, and find your own fantastic online business idea in just a few hours!

If you know of any more businesses I can add to this list, please drop them in the comments below – I’d love to feature you or someone you know.

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