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Well, I’ve done it! 🥳

When I started Business in your Backpack I knew I wanted to add a podcast.

For me, as a homeschooling mum, podcasts are easy. I can listen while I’m cooking, at parkrun, and even torture the kids while they’re trapped in the car with me.

‘noooooo mum, don’t make us listen to business stuff, even your screamy music is better that that!’ 😈😂

And so I’ve just released a podcast that you too can listen to while your hands are busy, or pop on when you want your kids to run away outside and leave you in peace. 

It’s called Online Business from Scratch, and you can listen to the welcome episode right here.

And subscribe with your favourite podcasting app.

I’m going through all the steps I’m taking to build this business, the tasks I’m choosing to do and why, and the stuff I WON’T be doing (even if everyone else thinks it’s essential).

I want you to be able to follow along and see what really happens when building an online business that’s focused on providing great value while remaining sustainable for a busy owner – and to be able to decide what Very Effective Thing you should do next for your business.

If you enjoy it, please give it a 5⭐ rating and review in your favourite platform – it really does make a difference. Thanks so much!


Hi, I’m Kelly Kotanidis from Business in Your Backpack, and welcome to Online Business from Scratch, where I’m documenting how I create and build my online business from just an idea in my head to a thriving business with a full-time income from part-time hours.

I’ll be turning my knowledge and experience into digital products while parenting, homeschooling, and traveling. So, if you’re wondering how you can start a flexible business with limited time, please listen in.

I’m going to detail the steps I take and the reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing right here so you can follow along, learn, and build your own online business in a smart way. Because there are a lot of ways to waste your time, but us parents, especially as homeschooling and traveling parents, we just don’t have time to waste.

We have to make every work session count, and we have to get fast results from limited time. Cutting the extraneous crap and getting stuck into the tasks that matter is one of my special skills, so if you want to build your own independent online business that fits your busy life, please subscribe with your favorite podcast app, listen in, get some ideas, and get started. I’ll see you there.

Thanks for listening to my very brief intro!

Got any questions? Feel free to to drop them in the comments below.

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